Where is she now?

Lately I have been getting a ton of questions from friends, family members, and even random people I don’t know! Questions like: “So what are you doing now?” “Are you working?” “Where are you going next?”

To be very honest with you, I ask myself the same questions. I am constantly screaming to myself “WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE!!” Really all I’ve ever wanted to do is explore the world. So when I graduated college and set some goals for myself for 2019 I decided that I want to hit up every state that I haven’t been to in the US before the year is over. Yes, a big goal, I am aware.

So far, I have made it to Louisiana, Mississippi, West Virginia, Virginia, Arkansas, and currently Georgia. I’m definitely starting to realize the intensity of the goal I have set for myself! That’s not going to stop me though! Yes I have a long way to go, but this is what is important to me. I will never give up.

So let me answer some questions that I have been frequently asked:

  1. Where are you getting your money? How do you afford to do this?

I have plenty of money saved up from summer jobs I have had, from graduation and from selling some of my old things online. It helps that I was lucky enough to get my college paid for with an athletic scholarship, so I don’t have debt! (YET) The thing is, I don’t really spend that much money while I travel. As long as I limit myself to paying for only gas and food, the budget can be pretty low.

2.   Are you going to get a job?

When I get home from Savannah, I plan on getting a temporary job so I can keep saving money for future, more epic trips. As for my career goal? I would really love to write. I could write articles, blog for a company, write my own blogs and books!! Writing is something I love, and something I can do remotely, so if a job writing would allow me to travel, that would be an absolute dream come true. PLUS, I like to take pictures and my degree in Visual Communications and Design allowed me to better my photography skills. Photos often go hand in hand with articles and blogs!

3.   Where do you stay when you go out in the world?

Honestly guys, it’s been a lot of staying with random friends, finding cheap hotels, and staying in my car. One time I slept in a Walmart parking lot, last night I slept in a parking lot right by the beach… it varies. I try to take the cheapest route, but sometimes my mom gets concerned and convinces me to grab a hotel for the night. I’m fine in the back of my car though!

Those are some of the most important questions that I wanted to answer! I am having a blast going out on my own and discovering things that I never knew existed. Feel free to hit me up with any more questions you may have about my travels! I don’t have all the answers just yet, but trust me, you’ll know as soon as I know.

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