New Orleans Dreams

So as some of you may know (if you read my previous blog), my goal for this year is to reach every state that I haven’t been to yet. It has always been a dream of mine to visit New Orleans, so the first new state that I went to this year happened to be in Louisiana! Yes I realize that was in January, but I’m here today to give you the lowdown on my amazing NOLA adventure.

Ever since high school I have felt very drawn to New Orleans. After my visit, I understand why… As soon as I arrived in the French Quarter I could just feel the jazzy, creepy, and artsy vibes reaching my very soul! My first plan of action was to take a ghost tour of the city. First of all, I’m all about haunted things and second of all, it was a really good way to get to know the city right away. Even if the ghost stories were just stories, the ghost tour helped me understand a lot about the city of New Orleans and it’s history.

The next day, it was a priority to tackle the French Quarter during the day when everything was open. I got to see all kinds of street art, street performers, and beautiful landmarks in the area. Not to mention some delicious food! There were so many neat shops to explore during business hours, but when the sun went down it was a great time to visit the local psychics! There were people sitting out on Jackson Square doing tarot card readings, crystal balls, palm reading… so naturally, I had my fortune told. What can I say: when in Rome!

Probably the most important day of this trip was New Year’s Eve. The crowds were huge that weekend because of people ringing in the new year, the sugar bowl was the next day, and it was NOLA’s 300th Anniversary. Thus, the celebration was extreme. There was even a parade!Thankfully, my friend Bekah was able to join me and we got to explore the city together and witness the party side of the French Quarter. Better yet, there were fireworks all across the city that night. It was truly awesome.

Being in New Orleans was a dream. It was probably the most unique place that I have ever visited, and I have visited quite a few places! I would say my Louisiana trip was a huge success and if I get the opportunity to return, you bet I will!!

I just want to thank you guys SO much if you are reading this and keeping up with my blog! I just have to document this stuff because it is so important to me. I hope everyone gets the chance to escape to this magic city. Until next time, I’ll be escaping in Sienna Sky Style! *insert emoji wearing sunglasses*


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