Solo Travel at Its Finest

I hear from a lot of people, “I really want to travel, but I don’t have the time or money.” It makes me sad to think that some people get stuck and never find the opportunity to see the world. I want everyone out there to realize that if you put your mind to it, if there is something you really truly want, you can attain it. An example I would like to share with you is my goal for 2019: make it to every state. I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of my travel this year is going to be done solo. That a new and scary thing!

So, yes I have driven around by myself. I flew to Hawaii by myself. But I have never intentionally traveled solo. I have a really hard time being alone. Right now a lot of my friends are still in school, working, or busy with their own lives. This means I have no other option but to travel on my own! So I’m embracing the opportunity and turning it into a time where I can get to know myself better and actually enjoy spending time with just me.

The beach had been calling my name and the very second that I realized we were going to have a full week of good weather in February, I said,” I’m going to Virginia Beach”. I chose that as my locale because: 1. I had never been to Virginia and 2. I’m pretty sure that is the closest beach to where I live.

I started my journey by driving six hours into West Virginia. Now, this first lone expedition was very important to me, but my mom is more important to me. Therefore when she begged me to stay in a hotel room my first night I did because I didn’t want her to be worried about me. Her response? She cried and said “thank you for loving me.” (She is the sweetest woman.)

Come to find out, I have family that lives in Virginia Beach and so a couple days I ended up staying with my quirky great aunt! Which was a very nice experience to be able to spend time with someone that I hadn’t seen for a while, though it didn’t exactly fulfill my mission to be in my own.

My last night in Virginia however, I decided to coop up in my car and sleep in a Walmart parking lot. I actually slept really well and was only woken up one time at 2 a.m., by a couple shouting at each other.  (Strange time and place, if you ask me, to have a quarrel.)

Anyway: back to the trip. My first adventure in West Virginia was at Babcock State Park. I ended up hiking around a little bit. A lot of the trails were closed for the off-season. But! The day was sunny and warmish with a chilly breeze. I enjoyed the waterfalls and the sounds of the falling water. The greenery in this area announced an early Spring and the previous day’s rain droplets fell onto my face from the trees above me.

Later that day, I drove about 8 hours to get to Virginia Beach, which was definitely refreshing. I have been craving the warmth of the sun, and the ocean is always a highlight for me. I did some personal reflection and some writing, but better yet I got to spend some time with my great aunt whom it turns out I have a lot in common with! I always love getting to spend time with family so, that was definitely a bonus for this trip.

I saw some really neat stuff though! Whale watching was something I had on my very extensive bucket list. I went on a boat and was lucky enough to see 4 individual humpback whales pop out of the water several times! Because it was sunny out, the whales were more likely to ascend to the surface. However, it was very chilly on the water. If you ever go whale watching in February, I recommend dressing warmly.

On my last day there, I visited a park and soaked up as much sun as I could, reflected on my time at VA Beach, and then I headed to Richmond.

Richmond was a really cool city. The walls were lively with paintings and the street was lively with musicians… with plenty of cool cafés and consignment shops. My soul was dancing from the liveliness there!

I want to see the whole US, and I promise you, nothing is going to stop me. If that means sleeping in my car for months on end and living on peanut butter sandwiches… so be it! If you are passionate enough about something, all you have to do is find a way.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog! I loved writing it because it was a special time for me. Stay tuned, friends. I’ll just be driving toward my goals in Sienna Sky style! 😉

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