My Move to Florida

Hello friends! Sienna Sky here, writing to you from the sunshine state of FLORIDA! Let me just say, I love it here. A lot of my friends and family have been asking me about what I am doing while here and how I am, so I thought that maybe a quick blog update could answer some of those questions!

First of all, I am living in a condo that belongs to my college roommates family friend. This condo you guys, it’s beautiful. I get to watch the sunset from the balcony every single evening. There is an awesome pool, and the place in general is very well maintained. I am soooo lucky to have this opportunity.


So I did get a job. I am waitressing at a restaurant called The Brass Monkey. The owners are from Baltimore, so the food and the decor is very Maryland themed. A lot of crab cakes and sea food and Ravens jerseys can be found there. And the best part is, I absolutely LOVE my job. To me it’s super weird that I can find pure joy out of working. As a server much less! I walk into work each day and the smell of all this amazing food hits me. Fries, melted cheese, burgers grilling, crab cakes, grilled chicken… Sometimes being surrounded by all that food is pure torture if you’re hungry! Really the food is amazing.


This is my view of the sunset from work! 


As a server, I get to talk to people all day. I get to make them happy by bringing food out to them and by chit chatting and inquiring about their lives. I love to know where everyone is from and what brought them to St. Pete beach. I also get to be up and walking around the whole day which releases a lot of the built up energy that I tend to carry around. It’s nice to be able to keep my mind focused on the tasks at hand instead of drifting off somewhere else. Plus the tips are typically quite generous.

I have been able to do some exploring as well! Most of the time I am on my own, so I just go to the beach, but there is so much to do in this area that when I get the chance, I like to head out and check out downtown, or visit a park, or even simply go see a movie! (The new live action Aladdin movie is pure perfection FYI.)



So for those of you wondering, I am fine! I’ll be headed home in a few weeks, but that’s ok too. It’s time for yet another adventure, right?

Until next time, I will be waitressing and beaching in Sienna Sky style! 🙂

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