Talk Thrifty To Me

When I first started blogging, my intention was to have a fashion blog. Hence the name siennaskySTYLE! I love fashion, style, individuality and expression in the clothes, shoes and accessories you decide to wear/purchase… yet I later realized that shopping and consumerism is bad for the environment, and I would like to reduce my carbon footprint.

One thing that I have done to change my habits has been thrift shopping. What better way to be creative than by bringing old styles back to life??  I take it as a challenge.


I got this dress, for example, at a secondhand store called Out Of The Closet. Out Of The Closet has several locations in Florida, California, Ohio, Washington, Texas, New York, ect. The one I went to is in Saint Petersburg, of course! Something else that is really cool about this particular thrift chain is that they work to spread HIV awareness. They even have free HIV testing at their locations. So not only is it environmentally friendly to shop at this store, it is also supporting a good cause. Many stores that take clothing/item donations support charitable causes. Local secondhand stores often have programs that involve food banks and events that gather free school supplies for families that struggle to afford them.

Moral of the story: If you don’t go thrift shopping, maybe consider it!

More information on the harmful effects of the fast fashion industry can be found in my post “Fashion Afflication.”

Until next time, I’ll just be thrifting in Sienna Sky STYLE! 😀

**photos taken by Jordan Carpenter in Nashville, TN


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