Roaring Secondhand Style

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I know that this whole last year my blog posts have been few and far between, but I hope you guys are ready for some fashion content coming back atcha!!!!

My love for fashion has not died, but my purchasing habits have changed significantly, hints where I was feeling lost and confused about what to write about on a blog that was meant to be about style. Now that I have gone 2 full years without purchasing fast fashion farmers, I have gotten used to shopping second hand AND my inspiration has returned to me! (Big smiles! Woot woot!) I have found that thrifting is more fun that just going to any store in the mall where everything looks the same, rack to rack, store to store. It makes shopping more of a challenge and allows me to use some creativity to create an outfit that looks fun and attractive!

I’m really excited for what 2020 will bring, especially as far as style goes, because I know I am going to wear whatever makes me feel happy and comfortable and cute. Most importantly, I wont worry about what other people think!

Now, for my New Years Eve party this year, my friends and I decided to do a roaring 20s theme! How perfect right?? Well in many cases this would be cause for a new dress! I decided to consult my thrifting app, Mercari. There was actually a large variety of Flapper-esque dresses on there. Below are some pictures of what I ended up getting 🙂

I’ll admit, it wasn’t the most authentic dress I could have picked, but it was fun and different and I loved it.

As for the accessories, I already had the pearls, the gloves, the headband and my shoes. The decorations for the night were a different story, but I saved all of them and will be reusing them.

I have always been conflicted about my love for fashion and my love/concern for the environment. I feel very excited to say that I am figuring it out the best that I can! I hope some of you reading this will take some time to think about your shopping habits and maybe, just maybe, make it more eco friendly.

I’ll love you either way. But until next time, I’ll be secondhand shopping in Sienna Sky style!


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