Red Zoned in Italy

Hello there! What a crazy time to be alive, am I right? The corona virus is impacting the whole world and the vast majority is confused and disappointed by the results. I, for one, am now under quarantine with the rest of Italy which became effective on March 10. 

Honestly, everyone seems to think that quarantine is super scary, but it’s literally the most uninteresting thing to be a part of. Day 1 there is just a bunch of shock and everyone joking about how they can be totally fine laying in bed and watching movies all day. Then Day 2 there is slight panic with thoughts such as, “Omg what if they prolong it again? Will I be able to go home? What if I run out of food?” etc. By day 3, it’s chill again. I have definitely accepted the situation I am in, and I know it is for the best. Honestly, this is the best way to contain the virus!

Things that make the spread of Corona more likely: 

  1. Moving locations frequently
  2. Being in large groups of people (such as concerts)
  3. Drinking or eating after people or making out with random strangers…AKA: SPRING BREAKERS BEWARE!!

Here is the real news: 

The town where the outbreak started in Italy is now down to zero cases. Supposedly, China is down to eight cases and has it contained to the point that they are sending their supplies to Italy. There is one case (as of today) in San Gimignano (the town I am living…) But she (the patient) is under self quarantine alone in her home. 

It seems to me that the spread has been slowing down significantly here. However,  all of the city center is closed down, only 2 people are allowed in the grocery store at one time, we are not allowed to go on walks or drives without the proper paperwork, and we are required by law to stay 1.5 meters away from other people. I am stuck but I can definitely think of worse places to be stuck!

I just wanted to put a little information out there for those of you who have been concerned and asking me questions. Truth is, I am most likely going to catch the flight that I originally intended to take me home, but I will most likely be put in quarantine when I do arrive in the US. 

All in all, I am keeping a positive outlook. I am not sick or injured. I am still working with my host family and I am able to keep myself pretty occupied. Plus, I am in Italy. This place is beautiful with nice weather, I am content. No use in stressing!

If I have learned anything from this situation, it is that sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. It’s okay to live in the present moment!

Thanks to all of you who have concerns about me and those who are praying for me. Also, thank you all for reading today. Feel free to ask questions and I can write more posts to answer them! ❤

Much love, 




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